Vintage: 2016

Origin: Armavir Region

Grape: Kangun

Harvest date: Beginning September

Climate: Continental climate. Vineyards are situated at the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.

Viticultural facts: Average of 6 tons / hectare of grapes production. Manual harvesting.

Yield: 55 hl/ha

Winemaking: The grapes are hand-harvested very early to keep the acidity, freshness and refinement, transferred to the estate in small boxes in refrigerator trucks and hand sorted on the selection table during grape reception. Gentle membrane pressing with inert gas. Secondary fermentation is done with Charmat method.

Tasting notes: This sparkling wine shows the elegant style of Kangoun grape variety. It has a nice golden blonde hue. Dominated by brioche aroma and fruity freshness. A refined, buoyant mousse, incisive and refreshing on the palate.

Food pairing: Very gastronomic and versatile, from Asian cuisine to cheese platers

Serving temperature: 6 to 7°C



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