A historical winemaking region VayotsDzor lies at the southeastern end of Armenia. The world’s oldest wine cellar dating back 6200 years was found by archaeologists in VayotsDzor, inside the Areni Cave. The group researching it dated the cave to 4200 BC, providing evidence that wine was central from the beginning of Armenia’s evolution.

With vast mountainous expanses, lush river valleys, breathtaking gorges, and mysterious caves,

VayotsDzor has a wide variety of exceptional natural beauty.  The name literally means “Valley of Woes” because the area was devastated by several earthquakes during its history. 

In VayotsDzor region are located the highest altitude vineyards of Armenia. This region provide us with the iconic Areni grape, used in our red wines.


Black Areni is an Armenian indigenous grape variety which can be found in VayotsDzor Region (southern Armenia). This old variety originates in the village of the same name (Areni) in the west of the VayotsDzor, where the oldest winery (4200 BC) has been excavated.

Black Areni is extremely disease-resistant and is particularly well adapted to strong diurnal temperature variation. Areni grapes are grown at an altitude up to 1500 m.s.l and on their own roots.

Most notable flavors of Areni are black pepper, black tea, cherry. These wines are remarkable

for their fresh, velvet, pleasant bouquet and intense colour.

According to grape geneticist and Wine Grapes co-author José Vouillamoz Areni is one of the flagship wine grapes of the future.

Armeniana ncient white variety of grape. Voskehat, which translated from Armenian means “golden berry”, ripens in mid-September. According to some reports, it started to be cultivated about 3.5 thousand years ago. Used for the production of dry wines, as well assparkling and dessert ones. Armenian grapes are distinguished with their pronounced aroma and Voskehat is no exception: it seemed to have absorbed all of the sunrays.


TAKAR Areni red dry

Grape variety: Areni 100%:

ARMENIA red dry

Grape variety: Areni 85%:

Areni is about a delicate expression of Vayots Dzor Region.

These wines made from Areni grape are about delicate expression of Vayots Dzor terroir, with a moderate intervention of winemaker and nice expression of fruit purity.