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  • ARMENIA - 6200 years of wine history

    Armenia is an ancient country, famous for its rich history and culture. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The world’s oldest-known wine cellar,  dating from 6,200 years ago, has been uncovered by archaeologists in the Areni Cave (Vayots Dzor region) in the south of Armenia. The research group dated the cave to 4200 BC, providing evidence that wine had a central role in Armenia’s history right from its beginning. This winemaking site is, unsurprisingly, the earliest-known evidence of winemaking ever found. Vintners stomped grapes with their feet in a clay basin, the juice from the trampled grapes then drained into a vat, where it was left to ferment, until being stored in jars.

    Today Armenian wines are undergoing a revival period. We are inviting you to discover one of the oldest wine civilizations in the world.


    The icon of modern Armenian winemaking

    In constant pursuit of improvement, at our winery we strive to balance ancient traditions with the newest technology. Armenia Wine is a family owned company, and our driving force is the love for our country, respect for our traditions and nature. Beginning with the plantation of vineyards in 2006, the winery was built two years later in 2008. Nowadays, the company is the icon of modern winemaking of Armenia with its award winning wines and state of the art winery.  AWC is also the leader of local market in the quality wine sector as well as the leader in Armenian wine exports.

    Equipped with the latest up-to-date equipment, we have the complete set of resources to ensure quality winemaking throughout the entire production process of still and sparkling wines: grape sorting tables – pneumatic pressing for juice extraction under controlled inert atmosphere – temperature controlled fermentation tanks– wine storage and ageing cellars – automated bottling lines – and, of course, estate vineyards.

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    Geographical and climate conditions in Armenia are exceptional for vine growing. The complex interaction of natural conditions within the small territory of the country induced and affected the formation of quite a peculiar range of soil types, from the volcanic and semi-desert zone to the mountain meadow soils of alpine type. The climate is dry and continental due to mountains in most of regions. Armenian grape varieties were formed during thousands years of folk selection and later their spectrum was enriched by hybridization.

    Here the vines grow at altitudes between 850 and 1650 m a.s.l. and on their own roots, which results in surprising authenticity of our wines. Volcanic soils, harsh climate and high altitude define the fascinating uniqueness of the Armenian terroir.

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    From the very beginning the goal was to create wines that will open a window on the main wine regions of Armenia – still undiscovered. Today the portfolio of the company is represented with wines that allow to discover Armenia through its indigenous grapes and terroir diversity.

    We are maintaining this diversity by working in four main winemaking regions – Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn and Vayots Dzor. Our vineyards are located in Armavir region, which provides us with the main white vareity Kangun used both in still and sparkling wines, as well as with French grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, that are used in blends with Armenian grapes.

    In Vayots Dzor region, famous for the world’s oldest-known wine-making facility (6200 y/o), vineyards are located at the highest altitudes of Armenia (up to 1650 m a.s.l.). This region provides us with the iconic Areni grape, used in our red wines. From Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn and Vayots Dzor also come Armenian grape varieties Karmrahyut (Red juice), Haghtanak (Victory), Voskehat (Golden berry), Tshilar, Garan dmak, as well as grape varieties Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, that are are widely used in the South Caucasus.

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Even though Armenia has been producing wines for more than 6000 years, it took Armenia Wine Company to raise Armenian wines at the international level. Armenia is a gifted country with vineyards located at the 1000m altitude in average, aromatic and colorful grapes with high concentration of natural sugar. Thanks to our French consultant and our “on-site” Armenian winemakers’ expertise and the state of the art technology, Armenia Wine is the first company to accomplish the perfect alchemy from Armenian high quality grapes to international standard wines.