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A lot of valuable and important historical items which give an idea of the ancient technologies of winemaking were found in Armenia.
All the above-mentioned facts, as well as other valuable historical documentary facts about medieval Armenia state that Armenia has been one of the oldest grape-growing and wine-producing centers in the world.
Another prove of it is the world’s oldest winery which was found by the international research team in the Armenian Areni complex in 2011.
The international research team had started excavations in the Armenian Areni complex in 2007. During that time the researches were made to reveal the antiques of that complex. And after three years of research of these samples, American famous institute stated that another world archeological treasure had been discovered in Areni.
According to Pavel Avetisian, the director of the Institute of Archeology, this building dates back not later than 3900s BC or 3700s BC. Any winemaking complex of that age involved in processing wine was not found in any corner of the world.
A lot of valuable archeological discoveries speak of the fact that human beings started grape growing in the Armenian Highland 6 000 years ago. One of the first proves is the Bible story of Noah, according to which when Noah descended from Ararat Mount, he planted a grapevine.

The oldest Armenian wineries, wine complex and queues, carbonated grape seeds, multiple carvings, sculptures and other proofs discovered by the archeologists is the true evidence of the fact that Armenia was the grape growing and winemaking birthplace. The research and comparison of grape seeds prove that today in this high mountainous country grow such unique grape varieties, which have the origin of 1 000 years. The wine made of these oldest grape varieties is a novice in the world market as they differ by their smell and quality from the wines made of European and American widespread grapes.
Being based on century traditions and using modern technologies, “Armenia Wine” company initiated the high quality wine production named “Armenia”. ”Armenia” wine is the innovated value of wine-making of Armenia.
The company's goal is to restore the former glory of winemaking. For many years Armenia has developed the production of brandy which set off the wine-making. Realizing that for the creation of a world competitive wine is required modern technology and equipment the founders of “Armenia Wine” have made an unprecedented investment to Armenian winemaking.

For the production of wine is used classic French technique. There are 3 presses in the winery of famous French “Bucher Vaslin” company, 2 of which are mobile and one is fixed press to work with an inert gas. The winery is equipped with three receiving hoppers, and crusher-destemmers with the possibility to treat of up to 300t of grapes per day. Here are 3 cooling systems with the power of 1,000 kW, heat exchangers. This system regulates the temperature of the must and then the wine. This equipment has manufactured by Italian «Della Toffola» company and allows regulation of the fermentation and then storage and stabilization processes of the wine via computer, at temperatures from +30 oC to -10 oC. This is one of the most important components to produce high quality wines. The entire production process is organized so that the grapes, must and wine are in contact only with stainless steel. These stainless steel double-level tanks (8m and 12m in height) are equipped with a agitator and allow to adjust the temperature of the content.

The company uses Italian and German filters and membrane filters to purify the wine from the yeast and bacteria which helps to obtain a healthy wine. Here is processed a sterile bottling by using Italian “Fimer” company bottling line which has the ability to treat 3000b/hr.
All these sophisticated processes were taking place under the strict coordination of foreign experts. Specialists from France, Italy and Bulgaria for a long period of time carried out large-scale installation works.

Also all the necessary conditions for producing high-quality brandy is available at the factory. Distillation - production of brandy spirit - is done at the factory and the high quality of which is guaranteed by French distillation devices. The aging of brandy spirit is also performed at the factory. “Armenia Wine” brandies are produced by means of technology which is used at the famous French brandy producing factories.

The vodka production division is also separated. Grain spirit storage and vodka blending is performed in the special building. The high quality of vodka is based on several important circumstances (special premises). The company obtains grain spirit from Russian Federation and during the vodka blending the clearest water from the Aragats Mount is used.

Vodka is produced by using the Russian classic method and by means of modern innovated technologies and equipment. The filtering of vodka is done using coconut carbon enriched with silver, as well as carton and membrane filters. The most famous and high-quality kinds of vodka are produced with this technology.
“Armenia Wine” factory is located in Sasunik village, Aragatsotni district RA and covers 50 000 square meters of area. The entire process starting from grape storage, wine preparation till bottling is performed here. It’s a beautiful wine making ranch/farm with all the necessary premises for preparing high-class wine that meets all the international standards. This complex has classic Armenian architectural style. The particular winery center with interesting and unique design resembles typical old Armenian fortress

The best modern equipment for producing high-quality wine is invested in the factory. Particularly, three receiving hoppers, two mobile presses for processing red grapes and an inert press for processing white grapes which works by means of azoth gas – all are made by French company “Bucher Vaslin.” The usage of membrane press guarantees the high quality of the processed grapes. The thermal regulation of the whole process of wine preparation is performed with three powerful freezing aggregates, chillers made by Italian “Della Toffola” company. It allows controlling the changes of temperature during the whole production process. Freezing aggregates give an opportunity to perform also the fermentation of grapes at low temperature as well as stabilization of wine at -7 0C conditions. Another three modern squeezing devices are for wine manufacturing. The wine storages made of stainless iron are equipped with essential mixers and other important devices. The bottling division has the necessary facilities, including the membrane filters which guarantee sterile bottling. The bottling production line made by Italian “Fimer” company has the capability of filling 3 000 bottles in an hour and suits both wine, brandy and vodka production.

“Armenia Wine” company’s sales network covers the whole RA area. Company has its storehouses and delivery vehicles both in regions and in Yerevan. “Armenia Wine” also cooperates with other sales networks and local trade centers in almost every district of Armenia. One of the views of the company is to build a new hotel complex in the ranch/farm for the visitors and tourists to get acquainted with ancient producing traditions of Armenian wine and brandy, as well as to get to know the nowadays modern technologies.
“Armenia Wine” is one of the leading companies in the Armenian market as its production process meets the modern standard by means of its innovative technologies which are used by the world famous companies that produce wine, brandy and other alcoholic beverages. “Armenia Wine” has a highly skilled staff. Experienced wine and cognac makers, technologists and other young and skilled professionals are employed by the company. The administrative, production, marketing and sales organizing modern systems and programs are invested at the company.
Grape growing is a noble deed. Considering it the founders of the “Armenia Wine” company contributed to this sphere for years, planted vineyards of local grape grades. The founders of the company developed the grape growing and winemaking of international standards in Armavir district.
Muscats du Monde®
The 12th international competition of the world’s best Muscats wines, Muscats du Monde®, organised by Forum OEnologie, was held on July, 2012 in France. For 12 years, this international wine competition has recognised the world’s best Muscats wines, awarding reliable and representative medals. Medal-winning wineries can use these medals to market their wines. Over the course of two days, international experts tasted 232 Muscats wines from all over the world. With 24 countries entered in the competition, Muscats du Monde® is the strongest Muscats wine concentration ever realized. It is the most significant and legitimate qualitative competition for the distinction of best Muscats of the world. Within the scope of this very important competition ARMENIA Muscat white semisweet wine won a silver medal.
Prodexpo 2012
Two gold and one silver medal - this is the awards won by "Armenia Wine" company within the scope of the international exhibition "Prodexpo 2012" in Moscow. From 13th to 17th of February the international economic exhibition "Prodexpo 2012" was held in Moscow.
The largest wine-making company in Armenia "Armenia Wine" participated in the exhibition as well as more than two thousand companies from Europe, Asia and America. The company "Armenia Wine" was awarded with two gold and one silver medal and certificates. The red semisweet wine "Armenia" was declared as the best product of 2012 within the scope of international competition by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Another gold medal was won for the best quality of the vodka "Medvedevka". The white dry wine "Armenia" won a silver medal.
Man of the Year
For the first time in Armenia was organized a charity contest "Man of the Year". The organizer was the "Luxury" magazine whose goal was to evaluate the significance of cultural workers. There were 500 candidates and 50 nominations. The competition "Man of the Year" marked out persons from art and culture who had caught in fancy of the society in 2010. “Armenia Wine” won in nominee of "The Best Winemaker of the Year". And if in the first competition the quality of wines was evaluated by an international jury consisting of professional winemakers, in this case the enormous work was valued by the society. The company "Armenia Wine" has made the great investment to the development of Armenian winemaking industry.
Fruitful Armenia
On the 16th of September 2010 was held the second international agro-forum entitled "Fruitful Armenia", which was devoted to the prospects for the development of viticulture and winemaking in Armenia. The main topic for discussion was the creation of the Armenian brand recognizable worldwide.
Participants were international famous winemakers and wine experts from France, Argentina, Italy, Austria and Australia.
Within the scope of agro-forum held tasting / competition of 17 Armenian wines which were attended by top wineries. Throughout the evening the company offered its products to more than 1,000 visitors. Among them were the ambassadors of various countries, wine experts, business leaders and representatives of different areas.
Was performed the indoor tasting to determine the best wines in 4 categories. All wines were pre-packaged identically to maintain the confidentiality of the product. “Armenia Wine” won and was announced the best wine in the 3 following categories: the best red dry wine, the best dry white wine and the best red selected dry wine. The jury was headed by world-renowned winemaker Michel Rolland.
Noteworthy is the fact that the jury was composed of internationally renowned winemakers from France, Italy, Australia and the Armenian wine was judged by international standards.
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The philosophy of “Armenia Wine” is based on honesty. Due to it, the company reached the unique level in the production of wine, brandy and vodka, gained the desired result.
The company products take their beginning in Armenian Highland and are developed by creative and qualified professionals. Exploiting modern technologies and quality labor force, the company makes all the efforts to offer the highest quality products to the purchaser.
Armenia Wine Company

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Today, the company offers the assortment of high-quality “Armenia” wines to the most demanding local and foreign buyers.
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Prints of ancient grapevine were discovered in the clay lake sets of the upper flows of the river Eghegis in the Armenian Vayots Dzor region and the archeological researches of those prints proved their 4-5 thousand year origin.
Other ancient artifacts unearthed by archeologists state the grapes were used in the second half of the VI millennium B.C. and were discovered in the Neolithic residency of Aratashen, not far from Vagharshapat.
The ancient remnants of wine grapes were discovered in the south-eastern plain of Kharberd, in the second half of the 5th millennium B.C.
Ararat plain is the most important farming and historical as well as cultural center of Armenia. The researches of the Armenian grapes seeds discovered from excavations of the VIII-VII centuries BC largest cities of Van kingdom (Urartu) located in
Ararat plain show that they belong to the processed grapes grades.
When comparing the modern sorts of grapes, it became clear that the grapes discovered from Urartu monuments are similar with their shapes to the local grades of grapes widely raised in Ararat plain today.
Near the Sisian city in the middle Bronze Age tomb (XIX – XVII centuries B.C.) was found a cup the innage of the walls of which states that wine was kept in it.
Besides the remains of grapes, there were also found cups for wine in the different parts of the Armenian Highland.
A lot of royal carvings about planting vineyards and ceremonies concerning it, wine sacrificing, wineries and wine storage were found in Van kingdom (Urartu), Armenian Highland, in the IX –VIII centuries B.C. Interesting facts about wine making in Armenia come to us from non-Armenian ancient writers also.
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